Thursday, October 28, 2010

Transportation Schedule

The much awaited transportation schedule.  

We will provide transportation to get you to all the events.  You won't need a car.  But if you want to use your car and follow the transportation van to the different venues, then I would suggest doing that.  Louisville can be a bit tricky because it is a city of neighborhoods.

Friday Night Dinner

I am actually the chauffeur on Friday night.  Hey, you got to save some money when you can.  I will be picking you up at the Springhill Suites, and we will make the 5 block journey over to the restaurant.  I will make the first pick up at 6:20 pm and the next pick up will be at 6:30.  I will meet you in front of the hotel.  I will return you to your hotel following the dinner.

Saturday Morning, Synagogue 

On Saturday morning, there is a shuttle van that will make 2 runs from the hotel to the synagogue.  The first shuttle (group 1) will leave the hotel at 8:45 am, and it will carry the following people:

Group 1
Richard Lerner and family
Uncle Mike Davis and Carol
William and Nancy Freeman (Nana and PopPop)
Richard and Ilean Molish (Uncle Ricky and Aunt Ilean)
Esta Keller (Aunt Esta)
Joanne Ricci (Aunt Jo')
Carol McNaight (Aunt Carol)

PLEASE BE PROMPT!!!  The van holds 14 passengers, so if anyone in group 2 wants to go with group 1 that is fine with me.  Synagogue starts at 9:15 and I thought it was best to get the immediate, immediate family there first.  If you decide not to take the van, please let someone know!!

The van will return to the hotel at 9:15 a.m. to pick up Group 2 passengers:

Group 2
Phil and Marlene Rosenblum (Uncle Phil and Aunt Mar)
George Boney and family
William and Katie Freeman and family

PLEASE BE PROMPT!!!  The van will have you at synagogue by 9:30.  It will be fine.  You won't miss a thing.

Sunday Morning Brunch

On Sunday morning, the van will make 2 runs from the hotel to our home.  The first trip will be at 9:15 am; the second trip will be at 9:30 am.  Just be downstairs at the hotel around that time - but no stragglers, please.  If you are planning on leaving for the airport later in the afternoon, I would suggest bringing your luggage with you.  The airport is an easy cab ride from our home, or if there is time, we can do the schlepping!!


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